talcum powder lawsuit

One of the most commonly purchased over-the-counter healthcare feminine products, used by millions of people across the globe is talcum powder. Directly derived from magnesium silicate, the product has a variety of applications which is not just the cosmetic usage. Most talc is packaged under the shelf of personal hygiene product but has been commonly used to clear off diaper rash amongst children. It is more of a daily use product which imparts a sense of cleanliness. This is why, the quality, if remain unimpeded can pose the risk of ovarian cancer and troubled respiratory conditions.

In early 2016, there was a landmark win of the talcum powder lawsuit that became the national news. Although the research linking talcum powder with ovarian cancer has been going on since 1970s, the Johnson’s Baby Powder event made many more women across the nation aware about the risk of ovarian cancer.

There is more than one form of ovarian cancer. Women with the habit of perineal dusting reportedly have been linked with epithelial ovarian cancer. It is basically the most common form of ovarian cancer. Talc particles form a mass in the ovaries leading to an inflammatory reaction in the region.

The most common reason why patients file for a talcum powder lawsuit is that women forms ovarian cancer after long-term use of talc products. Given the debilitating nature of ovarian cancer along with the various revolting side effects of cancer treatment, there are arguments which show how the negligence of Johnson & Johnson, the maker of this talcum powder failed to warn its customers about the adverse risks of using this powder on their genital area.

If you want to apply for this lawsuit, any of the following factors should be there:

  • regularly used talcum powder as a hygiene product
  • diagnosed with a type of ovarian cancer
  • biopsy reports prove traces of talcum powder
  • no earlier history of ovarian cancer in the patient

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