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Our clients are at the center of our practice driven by the experiences of each person we help. By combining knowledge, experience and vigorous defense of our clients rights, with a dedicated team of people and powerful technology, Bramzon Law Firm PLLC delivers maximum results and top client satisfaction.



Whether you’ve been referred by a friend or family member, or you learned about our firm through your own research, call (855) 434-2332 or submit your information in the side form to speak with a friendly team member who will gather important facts about your circumstance. They will help you move forward with our firm.

Many of the issues we help clients with are painful and embarrassing… we understand and are here to help. It’s important that you are honest and as descriptive as possible with our team so we can get you the maximum results possible.

Retainer Agreement
Once our team has pre-qualified your case, you will be sent a retainer agreement. Please sign and retain a copy for your records.

The retainer officially hires the Bramzon Law Firm PLLC team to represent you in your defective medical device or bad drug legal matter.

Welcome Call
A member of our team will call you soon after you have retained Bramzon & Associates Specialty Litigation LLC to welcome you as a client and start the process of fully qualifying your case.

Welcome Package
All clients receive a welcome package in the mail with a copy of their signed retainer agreement, important information about their case and documents to fill out and return. If you have not received your package, please call us; we’re happy to hear from you.


Once our team has gone through the facts you have presented and have determined that you have a qualified case, a case manager will reach out to introduce him or herself, and welcome you as a client.

You will also receive a Welcome Package in the mail with instructions and important information. Follow the instructions and help us maximize your case.

An attorney oversees each and every client file to ensure that the appropriate legal expertise is applied. Be confident that our attorneys are diligently working on your case to get you the best results possible.

Our paralegal staff have tremendous experience, having helped thousands of clients like you. They will be in contact with you throughout the progress of your case, sharing and gathering information, and updating you on the status.

Medical Records Liaisons
The medical records team is dedicated to getting the critical evidence necessary to prove your case and confirm the severity of your injuries. We need your help through clear and detailed information on doctors, hospitals and pharmacies you’ve received care from.



Medical records give us many of the facts we need to get you the best financial outcome on your case. Our team of medical records liaisons need your help to work with your doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to prove your case.

Send us any medical records you have and point us in the right direction with information on your provides, locations and dates. The more we have the better your case.

Hospital Records
If the injuries you incurred involved a hospital stay or the medical device or drug at the root cause of your ailment was inserted in a hospital, administered by a hospital or you went for follow up at a hospital, we need to know.

Doctor Records
The effects or a defective medical device or bad drug are frightening and can be confusing. If you think your injuries or side effects have been caused by a medical device or bad drug, it’s important they are documented by a qualified doctor.

Informing the Bramzon Law Firm PLLC team about doctors you saw regarding your injury or side effect help us gather the important facts about your case.

Pharmacy Records
If you are experiencing harmful side effects as a result of a bad drug the pharmacy records will document what you have taken and for how long. These records are critical facts in your case.

Send us a picture of your pill bottle. Your case manager will instruct you on where to send images to help your case.


We keep you informed. Our staff of attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and medical records liaisons will be contacting you regularly to gather information and provide updates on the progress of your case.

Please be ready to respond to information requests. The more we know about your case the better results we can achieve.

Bramzon Law Firm PLLC leverages the latest and best technology to keep your case organized and maximize the outcome.

Additionally, rest assured that we maintain all of our files using the highest and best data security available.

Our staff is available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can communicate via email 24/7 and we will respond the next business day. If you are emailing us files, please call to confirm that they have been received.

SMS/Text Messages
Bramzon Law Firm PLLC uses SMS/text message technology to inform our clients about important updates to their case and to gather case details.

If we have an important deadline approaching or are in the need of critical case facts, we will SMS/text message you. Use your mobile phone to stay up to date easily and conveniently.



To get you the best result possible we work with other specialized attorneys and medical professionals to help us evaluate the severity of your injuries and get you the best financial results possible.

By collaborating with other top lawyers and law firms we can get you the best results. We stay on top of other cases like yours happening across the country to maximize our results.

1 (855) 434-2332
There is no fee unless you are awarded compensation!
1 (855) 434-2332
There is no fee unless you are awarded compensation!
1 (855) 434-2332
There is no fee unless you are awarded compensation!
1 (855) 434-2332
There is no fee unless you are awarded compensation!


No fees unless we win…
Let our team represent you and your family if you have been hurt by a defective medical device or bad drug.

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